Checker Formula Pro




Impressive Inline Racing Boot— The Checker Formula PRO

  • 100% hand made
  • 100% made in Taiwan
  • 100% Build to order
  • Pure racing Boots
  • 8 Layers of carbon
  • Heat Moldable (stock size only)
  • Design your own (DYO) colour with 15006125 combinations
  • Name on your boots

Carbon Fiber base

The formula used a very good ratio mixture of carbon and grass fiber to provide a very good supporting for the skaters. The Checker Formula Pro is made by 8 Layers of Carbon fiber. On the base, we used 9 holes mounting system with 165mm or 195mm mounting in order to provide more choice for skaters to set their frames up.

Last Design

Our last design is specially made for thin legs, the ankle supporting area is smaller than the normal boot in the market. We are hard to heat mold from a wide boot to fit a thin than make a thin boot to a wide skater. With our last, it has a better support for thin skaters and the big skater can overcome the problem by heat molding the boot. We have also another “Wide” version for wide feet skaters.


Heat Molding

The formula is a very moldable boot, you can reshape easily with an oven or a heat gun.

100% Build to Order!

We do not have any stock of Checker Formula Pro, because every single pair is build to order. You can order our standard cast with your own mounting and colour.

Design Your Own!

Every single pair of Checker Formula Pro is build to order based on your choice! Your color, your sizes, your mounting system etc. we have 35 different colour for you to choice in 4 different part of the boot. There are over 1500625 combinations!

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165mm, 195mm