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MPC Junk Voodoo 125 XXF


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Our VooDoo Wheels use no pigments through the hub or the urethane, giving you pure, raw performance. It uses a new – redesigned natural turbo hub. This turbine hub is made under our most strict standards, using a new, one cavity tool, instead of 4 cavities, the industry standard, which allows us to control the quality of each hub and make sure there are no deviations from wheel to wheel.


Choose this wheel when you need superior control in tight turns, as well as straight-line speed on all road and marathon events. It has superior, all-around performance for any skater.

It comes in two different hardness choices: XFIRM for when race conditions are hard, smooth, or in the rain, and XXFIRM for when you are looking for the wheel with the most roll, but not as much grip. Specially in the rain.


Size Options: 125mm

Hardness: XX-FIRM (86 to 88A)

Hub: Natural turbo hub, T83mm

Urethane Color: Magic Natural Urethane

MTech®: Trans Red Inner Ring 63A

Uses: Marathons and road skating.

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