Bont Red Magic


The Bont Red Magic Inline Wheel is the most popular inline speed skating racing wheel on the market as a result of collaboration with MPC wheels. MPC wheels are famous for its patented “Flex Band” that has an unbelievable grip.

The primary focus of Red Magic is to maintain high levels of grip and increase the roll while providing the fastest inline skating racing wheel. For example, using fiberglass in the structure of the hub has made it 7% stiffer than the previous versions. Additionally, the urethane is faster and more consistent. As a result of utilizing these two advancements, we have produced the fastest inline racing wheel the world has ever seen. This wheel is produced in a number of sizes including 110mm, 100mm and 90mm wheels. The three hardness are Firm which is suitable for rough roads or sprinters, X-Firm which is the best all-around wheel and suitable for most surfaces and XX-Firm which is suitable for very smooth tracks and long-distance skaters.

MPC and Bont use feedback from sponsored athletes around the world to continually improve and perfect the Red Magic wheel. Game on!

PATENTED MTECH™PATENT NO.S6,036,278 & 6,227,622B1


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X-Firm, XX-Firm